W3C XHTML/CSS Compliant

I know how important it is to comply with W3C XHTML and CSS standards for this theme.

Most designers find it troublesome to comply with W3C standards. Their main concern is to make the themes look good but ignore the importance of W3C compliance. I not only make sure this theme look nice in all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome), but it is also checked for W3C compliance before it is launched.

You can verify it using the validators below:
XHTML Validation
CSS Validation

The benefits of compliance with W3C standards:

  • Compliance helps ensure that your website is accessible from a number of devices; from different browsers to the growing number of surfers using PDAs and cellular phones.
  • Compliance will also help ensure that regardless of the browser, resolution, device, etc. that your website will look and function in the same or at least a very similar fashion.
  • Compliance helps the search engine rankings as compare with non-compliant websites.

I only test for the code compliance of the themes and exclude all plugins in the testing. One of the widely-used plugins, Feature Content Gallery has been installed in the Note Paper theme. The error arisen from the plugin is out of my control so I would exclude all the errors pertaining to the plugin.

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